When you visit Cat Studio @ CARE, here’s what you can do

Experience Cats

Taking home a pet is a lifetime commitment. That’s why you should experience them before you take them home. Visit Cat Studio @ CARE, spend as much time you want to (no questions asked) get to know more about the felines before you commit to take one home


Can’t have a pet? Why not volunteer at CARE? Click the button below, fill up a short form and visit the shelter. You have a choice of pets who need a lot of human love during their stay at the shelter. This also helps them to trust humans leading to a better adoption rate success.

Volunteer Registration

Unfortunately, we live in a world where money is inevitable. Nothing is free (Oh! Except unconditional love from animals) in today’s economy. With over 100+ pets living in the shelter, CARE needs your monetary support to keep the shelter running and the animals healthy. Click the button below to do your part



Taking home a furry companion is easy at Cat Studio @ CARE. 

Want to Adopt a Cat?

Here’s how you can take home a cat:

  • Visit Cat Studio @ CARE
  • Express interest in the adoption of a pet 
  • House check shall be conducted by CARE
  • Family counseling shall be conducted if need be
  • Fill up the consent form (We require your ID and address proof)
  • Take home the pet
  • Post-adoption checks may be conducted
You may also fill up the form below if you are interested in adopting a pet


There’s always a story behind every idea. 

Two like-minded people happened to meet at the Dog Park @ Cubbon Park. Their conversation was all about how to position an animal shelter as a happy place rather than a sad one. The two people – Osha Shetty (Founder – Cat Studio) & Sudha Narayanan (Founder Trustee – CARE). That’s when the idea sparked, why not join hands while the end goal is the same. And to know more about what happened, why don’t you visit Cat Studio @ CARE?


The only place in Bengaluru where you can cuddle up with cats

Cat Studio @ CARE
C/O: Charlie's Animal Rescue Centre
Survey No. 124/1 Mittaganahalli Cross, Kogilu,
Near Reva College, Yelahanka, Srinivasa Nagar,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560064

Phone: +91 94839 11110

Mon - Sat: 11 AM to 4 PM | Sun: 11 AM to 3 PM